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Better late than never

When The Big Lebowski OST was released for Black Friday 2014, I was hesitant on whether to purchase it or not. I ultimately skipped over it, and immediately regretted it. I went to other record stores and it was completely sold out. Fast forward to March 2015. I see a picture of a band playing a show at a local record store on Facebook, when I notice something in the background. It is the record that I've been searching for. The next day, I stop by the store and it's on the back wall waiting for me. I purchase the last copy and have a discussion with the store owner about the upcoming Record Store Day releases. As a collector of vinyl records, it's important to remember that finding those rare records can occur in the most random ways. If you see the opportunity to purchase the record that you've been pining over, take it.* *At a reasonable price

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